Door Supervisor

Door Supervisor Training – £199

The Titas Five Day Door Supervisor Training course is available to men and women, 18 years old and over. This course is everything you need to be able to apply for your Security Industry Authority Door Supervisor licence.

Statistically speaking the most popular SIA license held by people is the Door Supervisor one. The main reason for this is that it opens up the most opportunities.

With this license you can work in pubs and nightclubs, it also allows you to participate in all activities which are covered by an SIA security license.

There are no initial requirements to take on this course apart from you have to be 18+ years of age with clean criminal record.

We will make sure to cover every area in as much detail as possible. This includes things such as health and safety in the workplace all the way to drugs, arrest and the legal implications on the use of force.

There are certain similarities when comparing the door supervisor course with security guarding and so you should be prepared in case you decide to pursue a career in that sector.

We have a very high pass rate for everyone that chooses to go on to this course and this simply because of the lengths that our instructors will go to, to make sure that you understand everything and can put it to practice.