Audit & Review Monitoring

All too often, security arrangements are inadequate to support a company’s growth rate. Many businesses fail to realise that their current security measures are out of date, unreliable and unable to identify or deal with ever-changing environments and increase of risk. The best response to security risks is to evaluate the current security processes and support, which will then allow the creation of an efficient and robust countermeasure. We will conduct a comprehensive Technical Security Review of your organisation to identify current threats and potential security breaches which could have a substantial impact on your business or projects. A Technical Security Review will provide you risk analysis with a series of mitigating recommendations on security enhancements, as well as how to implement new security structures, processes and procedures via a monthly compliance report. We will assist your organisation with Risk Reduction Planning and work closely with your senior management team to develop mechanisms for monitoring and reporting on the actions selected to address risks which have been identified during the initial security audit. We will provide you with a monitoring service, constantly reassessing the identified risks for signs in a reduction in threat status or further improvement measures needed.

Our Audit and Review Monitoring involves the following capabilities:

  • Penetration Testing to examine whether the planned actions are having the desired effect required.
  • Reviewing overall management of risk to ensure the methods adopted are applied effectively to sufficiently mitigate risk.
  • Continued assessment for early warning signs of any developing increased risk which poses a threat.
  • Security reviews can be integrated alongside our Corporate Services, ensuring that our clients are provided with a seamless approach to mitigating risks and providing business continuity.