Global Intelligence & Analysis

Monthly Country Insight Reports

Global business is complicated and never more so than in today’s ever-changing and increasingly dangerous world. Inadequate security solutions which are behind the times are unable to support companies facing a variety of threats, from organised crime and corruption to civil unrest and terrorism. These risks can be managed with the correct application of risk management by experienced consultancy services, utilising the most up-to-date intelligence and data.

Country Insight Reports are tailored to your specific requirements and industry sectors. Our Insight Reports are produced by leading industry experts, as well as former Military Intelligence and Political analysts. All of our teams have vast experience working in austere, remote and hostile environments.

Our reports are designed to accurately provide you with the information to help you minimise risk and maintain a safe position within the marketplace while maximising opportunity. Our reports are extensive, using PESTLE analysis as their basis. We include security assessments, logistical practicalities and communications guidance as standard to ensure you have an all-encompassing overview of your country of interest.

Our reports contain up-to-date information on the following:

  • Travel Risk Summary
  • Political situation
  • Summary of major events
  • Incident timeline & Map
  • Crime
  • Terrorism
  • civil unrest
  • Natural disasters
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Laws and customs
  • Business resilience and continuity (business best practice)
  • Travel advice
  • Passport & Visa Information

Weekly Security Forecasts

Weekly Security Forecasts are specifically designed to forewarn security managers, senior management and corporate heads, of potential threats within their global location for the week ahead.

We provide on-time and on-budget tailored Weekly Security Forecasts. Our human intelligence network and extensive contacts within 196 countries ensure we are provided with reliable and relevant up-to- date information, which is the key to a successful project.

We currently provide Insight Reports for:

  • Foreign Governments and Diplomats
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Oil and Gas
  • Media
  • Mining
  • Non–Government Organisations
  • Transport & Logistical Organisations
  • Universities
  • Leisure & Tourism

We have a demonstrated track record of enabling successful projects across the globe. We have carried out evacuations in South Sudan, India, Fiji, Turkey, Burkina Faso, Brazil, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and Ethiopia to name but a few. These were carried out smoothly and successfully utilising our global network of vetted contacts.